We are incredibly proud and happy to launch Heaps LIVE!

LIVE takes the Heaps experience to the next level. LIVE let’s you and your friends explore local parties through people, photos and video. Further, by sharing your own night you can meet cool people and attend parties nearby.

From the beginning, Heaps was created on the passion to give fellow party people a chance to find great parties and meet cool people! With millions of matches on Heaps we are now taking it one step further!

The values of Heaps is to give you and your friends a better night out. LIVE gives you a new way to meet other cool people nearby, explore what’s going on and engage in awesome parties. 

LIVE is super easy to use. You share photos and video from your night and engage with Heapsters nearby.


With LIVE we aim to give you the ultimate gateway into your local party scene. We want you to find cool people and explore what’s going on. Further, we will constantly experiment with fun channels to give you and your friends a better night out.

With Heaps playlists you can find epic music with any occasion. Together with DOT, you have the perfect tools to get your party started. Over the coming months we will give you other cool features to boost your nights out.

We hope you will welcome LIVE and share and explore local parties!

Please reach out if you have any cool ideas we should include! kris@heapsapp.com

Team Heaps