The idea and motivation to create Heaps came very much out of our own needs. A need that we later found was very universal among our own demography, the target audience of Heaps!

Our constant urge to find or host cool private parties and meet awesome people was the perfect selling point. Funny enough, when we talked to people about our product, it became clear to us that Heaps implicitly provides values that people appreciates.

Beside helping people in their continuous search for good fun and parties, we realized that girls found Heaps to be safe and secure. Compared to dating apps, Heaps gives you the opportunity to meet people in a more natural setting alongside your best friends. Overall a smaller chance of meeting creepers and feeling uncomfortable.

Furthermore, both boys and girls finds that Heaps lets them meet new people in a much less awkward setting. Naturally, spending time with your best friends is almost a guarantee for good fun, and spicing the activities with new people only makes it more interesting.

It became obvious to us that Heaps does not only facilitate a practical solution to finding interesting people and cool events in your nightlife. It also brings back a very natural human behaviour. Since the beginning of mankind we have acted in groups, a behaviour we find very natural and pleasant.

A behaviour that we, at Heaps, aim to make fundamental for the nightlife activities of you and your friends.

There’s always a party nearby!

Team Heaps