Introducing Sofie! The new Heaps Chief in Denmark!

Heaps will soon be making big moves in LA, but our hearts will always stay in Denmark.

To sustain our beloved heritage we have recruited a new marketing employee to lead the Danish development of Heaps.

Starting from November, Sofie will host awesome events, present great collaborations and keep all of you in the loop of our international adventure.

Sofie holds a Bachelor degree in Intercultural Market Communications and is currently a graduate student in Business and Communications at Copenhagen Business School .

During the past two years Sofie has worked with Social Media and event planning at our beer-buddies at Carlsberg Group!

Next up, Sofie is planning and hosting the Heaps Christmas Party at Butchers the 5th of December, feel free to join us!

If you wish to co-host events or do partnerships with Heaps, give us feedback or have questions of any kind, please don’t hesitate to give Sofie a buzz.

You can reach her on

Team Heaps!