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 If you have any parties for the coming weekends you would like us to list,
don’t hesitate to reach out on: kris@heapsapp.com
It is our greatest mission to give you more great nights out!


Introducing LIVE!

We are incredibly proud and happy to launch Heaps LIVE!

LIVE takes the Heaps experience to the next level. LIVE let’s you and your friends explore local parties through people, photos and video. Further, by sharing your own night you can meet cool people and attend parties nearby.

From the beginning, Heaps was created on the passion to give fellow party people a chance to find great parties and meet cool people! With millions of matches on Heaps we are now taking it one step further!

The values of Heaps is to give you and your friends a better night out. LIVE gives you a new way to meet other cool people nearby, explore what’s going on and engage in awesome parties. 

LIVE is super easy to use. You share photos and video from your night and engage with Heapsters nearby.


With LIVE we aim to give you the ultimate gateway into your local party scene. We want you to find cool people and explore what’s going on. Further, we will constantly experiment with fun channels to give you and your friends a better night out.

With Heaps playlists you can find epic music with any occasion. Together with DOT, you have the perfect tools to get your party started. Over the coming months we will give you other cool features to boost your nights out.

We hope you will welcome LIVE and share and explore local parties!

Please reach out if you have any cool ideas we should include! kris@heapsapp.com

Team Heaps


Press Release: Ron Burkle, Steve Aoki, Logan Paul & Gary Vaynerchuk et al. invest in Heaps!

Los Angeles, CA – November 11, 2015 – Heaps, the technology startup devoted to change the social experience of partying, today announced an early stage round led by investor Ron Burkle, Steve Aoki, Vine Star Logan Paul, Gary Vaynerchuk’s Vayner/RSE, EDM pioneer Paul Campbell and Music Tech entrepreneur Paolo Moreno of a Electric Ventures Fund, among other strategic partners.

The exact amount of the funding is undisclosed but will accelerate Heap’s growth and enable the expansion into the United States.

Heaps, a Tinder-like app that lets groups of friends swipe people and parties, also opened the product to the Los Angeles (and California) market today, as its first big move into the U.S. Using Heaps, social groups can discover events and parties hosted by nearby groups and then connect with each other.

Growth & Collaborations

Founded in Copenhagen by a group friends, Heaps launched into private beta late last year touring the college scene and accumulating more than 40,000 users in only a couple of months.

Further, Heaps successfully collaborated with Universal Denmark to release albums, Roskilde Festival as Official Social App and VICE Denmark to document the initial development.

“We gave people a product they were missing. Simplifying how we party and meet people going out, is simply making something we already do, a lot easier.

I am confident that Heaps will be huge in LA too! There is a massive party scene here, as well as the entertainment and a disruptive tech industry, which is why this is our natural next step.,” says Niels Hangaard, CEO.

Heaps is a simple and sleek concept, that lets groups of people explore what’s going on in their neighbourhood. You create a group with your friends and browse people and parties nearby. It’s safe, fun and without the awkwardness of dating!

Heaps is available for download on;

App Store: http://bit.ly/HeapsAppStore

Google Play: http://bit.ly/HeapsGooglePlay

If you have any questions, please hit up Frederik at fred@heapsapp.com

Heaps Launch Party @HIVE143

Less Awkward, More Fun!

The idea and motivation to create Heaps came very much out of our own needs. A need that we later found was very universal among our own demography, the target audience of Heaps!

Our constant urge to find or host cool private parties and meet awesome people was the perfect selling point. Funny enough, when we talked to people about our product, it became clear to us that Heaps implicitly provides values that people appreciates.

Beside helping people in their continuous search for good fun and parties, we realized that girls found Heaps to be safe and secure. Compared to dating apps, Heaps gives you the opportunity to meet people in a more natural setting alongside your best friends. Overall a smaller chance of meeting creepers and feeling uncomfortable.

Furthermore, both boys and girls finds that Heaps lets them meet new people in a much less awkward setting. Naturally, spending time with your best friends is almost a guarantee for good fun, and spicing the activities with new people only makes it more interesting.

It became obvious to us that Heaps does not only facilitate a practical solution to finding interesting people and cool events in your nightlife. It also brings back a very natural human behaviour. Since the beginning of mankind we have acted in groups, a behaviour we find very natural and pleasant.

A behaviour that we, at Heaps, aim to make fundamental for the nightlife activities of you and your friends.

There’s always a party nearby!

Team Heaps


The Story of Heaps

If you are among the thousands of people asking yourself “How did someone come up with the fun and awesome Heaps?”. Here is the story behind it all!

It all started back in Copenhagen, on a cold Tuesday night in February 2014. We were four guys having a dinner party on the fifth floor, in Niels’ & Kris’ apartment.

We planned to have a fun night out, but could not determine what to do since nobody really goes out on a Tuesday. Closing in on midnight we realized that four girls were having a party on the opposite site of the street, one floor down. We asked ourselves, “How do we get their attention and invite them over for an spontaneous houseparty?”.

We tried being creative about the approach, but agreed that all ideas brought up were too awkward, creepy or simple stupid. Instead, we ended up at the local bar, just the four of us.

The next morning, while suffering from hangovers, we asked ourselves, “How cool would it be if we had something that could help us meet the girls yesterday?” That was the beginning of a three month’s process leading to Heaps.

During the summer Heaps came to life in an apartment in Copenhagen. While the Marketing Team spent their time in the kitchen, spitballing on go-to-market ideas, our relentless developers were wired in. Jens, Niels and Kim were working non-stop for 4 months, ultimately to reach our goal of launching Heaps when the students returned from holidays.

We succeeded, and Heaps launched a Beta exclusive for colleges in September, and in October we officially launched nationwide. The welcome was amazing! We got great press, did some guerilla marketing and experienced a strong word-of-mouth that made sure that everyone in Copenhagen knew about Heaps. The Danish user growth skyrocketed, peaking on New Year’s Eve as #1 in the App Store.




As much as the rapid success of Heaps came as a surprise to us, it was a reality! All five founders decided to quit their jobs and studies to pursue the dream of building the most awesome party app in the world.

That was the short story of Heaps beginnings. Tag along for the adventure, we are just getting started!

All the best

Team Heaps.



Welcome, welcome!

Welccome to Heaps

The future of this incredible sub-site to heapsapp.com will present a continuous flow of strictly curated content, all related to the story and development of our small danish startup.

Please feel free to jump in on conversations, give us honest feedback and otherwise enjoy whatever we may provide you.

All the best

Team Heaps



Meet Sofie!

Introducing Sofie! The new Heaps Chief in Denmark!

Heaps will soon be making big moves in LA, but our hearts will always stay in Denmark.

To sustain our beloved heritage we have recruited a new marketing employee to lead the Danish development of Heaps.

Starting from November, Sofie will host awesome events, present great collaborations and keep all of you in the loop of our international adventure.

Sofie holds a Bachelor degree in Intercultural Market Communications and is currently a graduate student in Business and Communications at Copenhagen Business School .

During the past two years Sofie has worked with Social Media and event planning at our beer-buddies at Carlsberg Group!

Next up, Sofie is planning and hosting the Heaps Christmas Party at Butchers the 5th of December, feel free to join us!

If you wish to co-host events or do partnerships with Heaps, give us feedback or have questions of any kind, please don’t hesitate to give Sofie a buzz.

You can reach her on sofie@heapsapp.com

Team Heaps!