If you are among the thousands of people asking yourself “How did someone come up with the fun and awesome Heaps?”. Here is the story behind it all!

It all started back in Copenhagen, on a cold Tuesday night in February 2014. We were four guys having a dinner party on the fifth floor, in Niels’ & Kris’ apartment.

We planned to have a fun night out, but could not determine what to do since nobody really goes out on a Tuesday. Closing in on midnight we realized that four girls were having a party on the opposite site of the street, one floor down. We asked ourselves, “How do we get their attention and invite them over for an spontaneous houseparty?”.

We tried being creative about the approach, but agreed that all ideas brought up were too awkward, creepy or simple stupid. Instead, we ended up at the local bar, just the four of us.

The next morning, while suffering from hangovers, we asked ourselves, “How cool would it be if we had something that could help us meet the girls yesterday?” That was the beginning of a three month’s process leading to Heaps.

During the summer Heaps came to life in an apartment in Copenhagen. While the Marketing Team spent their time in the kitchen, spitballing on go-to-market ideas, our relentless developers were wired in. Jens, Niels and Kim were working non-stop for 4 months, ultimately to reach our goal of launching Heaps when the students returned from holidays.

We succeeded, and Heaps launched a Beta exclusive for colleges in September, and in October we officially launched nationwide. The welcome was amazing! We got great press, did some guerilla marketing and experienced a strong word-of-mouth that made sure that everyone in Copenhagen knew about Heaps. The Danish user growth skyrocketed, peaking on New Year’s Eve as #1 in the App Store.




As much as the rapid success of Heaps came as a surprise to us, it was a reality! All five founders decided to quit their jobs and studies to pursue the dream of building the most awesome party app in the world.

That was the short story of Heaps beginnings. Tag along for the adventure, we are just getting started!

All the best

Team Heaps.